Gloucester, MA Fishing Reports

Gloucester, MA Fishing Reports

  • Cod Fishing in Gloucester: A Timeless Tradition

    May 20

    Uncovering the Historic Roots of Gloucester's Fishing Industry Gloucester, Massachusetts, features a wealthy nautical past that dates back to the 1600s, establishing it as a pivotal hub for fishing in America. The city's proximity to abundant fishing grounds has been instrumental in shaping its identity and economy. Over the centuries, ...

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  • The Rich History of Fishing in Gloucester, MA

    May 9

    Gloucester, MA, stands as one of America's oldest fishing ports, with a history dating back to the 1600s. This long-standing tradition has not only shaped the local community but also established Gloucester as a key player in the New England fishing industry. The city's strategic location near abundant ...

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  • Gloucester, MA Fishing Heritage & Sustainable Practices Guide

    Apr 25

    History of Fishing in Gloucester, MA Gloucester, MA, has a storied history as one of America's oldest fishing ports, dating back to the early 1600s. This rich heritage has shaped the town and its community, making it a cornerstone of the fishing industry in New England. The city's geographical location, ...

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  • Seasonal Fishing Tips for Gloucester's Most Popular Species

    Apr 11

    Gloucester, MA, is renowned for its exceptional fishing opportunities, attracting anglers eager to catch species like Haddock and Cod, Bass and Bluefish, and Giant Bluefin Tuna. Tuna Tail Charters brings you this guide to delve into the best times to fish for these species, ensuring your fishing trip is both ...

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  • Fishing in Gloucester: A Beginner's Guide to Massachusetts Waters

    Mar 28

    Introduction to Fishing in Gloucester Gloucester, Massachusetts, is a city known for its rich history and as a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts. It has a long-standing reputation as one of the oldest fishing ports in the United States, with abundant waters that are home to various fish species. This ...

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  • A Complete Guide to Haddock Fishing in Gloucester, MA

    Mar 14

    Explore Gloucester, MA's prime haddock fishing spots, techniques, gear, regulations, and seasons with this ultimate guide. Discover why Gloucester is a top destination for haddock fishing enthusiasts and learn how to make your fishing trip a success.

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  • Exploring Giant Bluefin Tuna Fishing in Gloucester, MA

    Mar 13

    Discover the world of Giant Bluefin Tuna fishing in Gloucester, MA with insights from Tuna Tail Charters. Learn about fishing techniques, seasons, conservation efforts, and more to plan your next exciting fishing adventure. Explore the thrill of battling these magnificent sea creatures and book your charter for an unforgettable experience ...

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  • Exciting Fishing Opportunities Await in October with Tuna Tail Charters

    Sep 27

    One of the best fishing months is just about to arrive: October, with its crisp nights and cool days, is the time when the fish all begin to feed for their journey south. Striped bass are at their largest and hungrier than ever. Toss a live mackerel in front of ...

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  • Stripe Bass Fishing Has Been Awesome

    Aug 1

    As the title suggests, bass fishing has been truly awesome! Our day starts early at 5 am when we head out from the dock to first catch some mackerel. And let me tell you, that in itself is a lot of fun. Reeling in a sibiki rig full of wiggling macs ...

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  • July Fishing Report

    Jul 21

    The day was simply amazing, albeit a little crazy too. We set off towards the tuna grounds despite the dismal weather.

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  • One Crazy Fish

    Jun 29

    We left the dock early, a little foggy and breezy. Not really a bad morning. Lobster Tales took us to our destination with speed and comfort. Started catch bait instantly-thanks to Tonya and Cory. Set out our gear, checking lines changing bait. The Capt. tried an old trick about 40 minutes ...

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  • Off-Tide Fishing Trip

    Jun 26

    The bass fishing has been nothing but super. Work a little harder and make an off-tide trip successful. Erika and her family made it happen using a basic shallow water technique. The catch shows. We caught numerous above and below the slot. The family really like striper brought a few ...

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  • Three Generations Fishing Trip

    Jun 23

    This was a unique trip with 3 generations of successful anglers aboard.  Day was perfect off we went to the favorite spots. Each area producing bass of all sizes. A few were giant-they were released over slot size. The thrill of landing big bass is fantastic. The youngest generation caught ...

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  • June Haddock Expedition

    Jun 22

    The haddock fishing has been very good. It almost seems it is getting better. We had a great crew from middle state New York. Weather cooperated nicely. We made the short run to the haddock hill where we drift across. Not more than 3 minutes went by - fish on 23" haddock ...

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  • A Lobster Tail - June 5th

    Jun 20

    Another great day on Lobster Tales. David and his friends were aboard for a full haddock and tuna trip.

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  • Fabulous Haddock Trip May 27, 2023

    May 27

    Started out around 7am weather was sunny with a little NW breeze. Went about 7 miles SE and made our first stop. We gave drifting a try; the guys did and excellent job (first time fishing for 5 out of the six guys). We picked up a few fish, moved again and ...

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  • Thursday, May 18 - Half Day Bass Trip

    May 18

    First, we searched a little bit for mackerel and found 2, which were all we would need to start. We sailed out to the West of Gloucester to work the rock walls and coastline.  We made our first fishing stop and Tami caught her first fish. She said she wasn't ...

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  • Saturday May 13th - Half Day Trip

    May 13

    Weather was nice, sunny little breeze, seas about 2ft. Brian and his old friends were aboard. Our target fish was haddock we headed out to the sea for a little run, traveling at 15 knots, a very comfortable ride. About 7 miles out, moved on to a ridge and marked a few ...

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  • Welcome to our brand new website!

    Mar 8

    We just made our new website live. I hope you enjoy it. I would like to THANK the people of Optuno Web for putting this great site together. Special thanks to Joe and his team, amazing Job. We will be updating this info page often. Join us on all of ...

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  • Check back often to view our Fishing Reports!

    Mar 1

    We will be keeping you up-to-date on what happened last week, what we caught, and will share some of the great adventures during the week that we and our guests experienced.

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  • Stay up-to-date!

    Mar 6

    Look forward to our fish reports providing some helpful information of what, when and where the fish are biting. We also plan to share some tips, so stay tuned!

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