Bass & Bluefish Charters in Gloucester, MA

Bass & Bluefish Charters in Gloucester, MA


Get ready for an exciting day targeting Striped Bass and Bluefish with Captain John on our bluefish fishing charters in Massachusetts

Striped bass and bluefish are both very strong species and can put up strong fights. After a day on the water catching these fish, you may need some rest, but you'll want to get right back out and do it again! 

In Gloucester, Striped bass average about 10lbs - 20lbs, and can grow to be very large. Bluefish tend to average between 5lbs - 10lbs, with larger ones showing up as well. We can fish with them in a variety of ways including with natural baits (live or dead), artificial, or by trolling. Be sure to discuss with Capt John if you have a specific method to see if it what's working at the time of your trip.

This guided bluefish fishing charter is for a total of five (5) hours, but we're happy to coordinate departure times based on your needs. While we'll provide the gas, ice, tackle, fishing license, boat and local Gloucester knowledge of where to catch stripped bass and bluefish here in Gloucester, there are a few things you'll need to bring to ensure your comfort and enjoyment. This includes bringing, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and any food and drinks you'll want onboard. 

Don't worry if you are not an old salt. This Gloucester fishing trip is a lot of fun no matter your skill level. We help you along the way and teach you as we go. Our goal is to make this a great trip for everyone onboard.  

  • Price: $749/Group
  • # of Guests: Max 6
  • Departure: 5:00 AM

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Are you up to the task?  This one will get you reeling!  This is a Gloucester Striped Bass and Bluefish charter fishing trip you will never forget. We will take you to where the action is - off beautiful Gloucester, MA! Get ready to hook into amazing, and large stripped bass, and be prepared to fight it out! Bluefish are probably one of the strongest fish around Gloucester, pound for pound, and they they never give up! These fish make long runs, leap out of the water, and trying to peel line off your reel.

This eight (8) hour striped bass and bluefish adventure with one of Gloucester's top guides includes everything the 5 hour Stripped Bass and Bluefish Adventure described above, PLUS and additional 3 Hours of fishing fun! It is one of our most exciting adventures, and favorite trips!

Experience the battle at sea for yourself!  

  • Price: $1,099

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