Expert Gloucester Fishing Guide & Captain

Expert Gloucester Fishing Guide & Captain

At Tuna Tail Charters, our team has been fishing the waters around Gloucester, MA for over 45 years, both recreationally and commercially. Our captain holds a prestigious U.S.C.G. Masters License for more than four decades.

We are passionate about providing exciting fishing adventures tailored to your preferences. Giant bluefin tuna is our specialty - our captain caught his first bluefin tuna out of a 16-foot boat using just rope and nail kegs for a handline, an epic 3-hour battle!

Whether you want to target cod and haddock on a deep sea fishing trip, cast for striped bass along the rocky coastline, throw plugs into a bluefish blitz, or go stand-up fishing for massive sharks and tuna, we can accommodate it all. From seasoned anglers to total novices and families, your safety and success are our top priorities.

Let our knowledgeable crew share their fishing expertise and help you reel in that trophy catch. We love introducing guests to the incredible angling opportunities in our local waters.

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Highly Experienced Captains and Fishing Crew



We work hard to meet your needs for a great deep sea fishing trip in Gloucester, MA. Our deep sea fishing captain and tuna fishing guide are ready to customize your experience.


Keeping you safe and happy is what we care about most. Enjoy a top-notch fishing adventure with us in Gloucester, MA, where your satisfaction matters.


Our team loves teaching and improving your fishing skills. With expert guides in Gloucester, MA, we're here to make your fishing trip successful and fun.

Other Services Available

Event Planning

Event Planning

Whatever the occasion, our ship is the perfect place for your celebration. For couples who want to have a fantastic wedding, our events planner can assist you in making the necessary arrangements for your ceremony.

Whale Watching

Nothing is more exciting than observing gentle whales in their natural habitat. Embark on an adventure and take a look at the majestic mammals for yourselves. There are many varieties of whale you might see; friendly humpback whales, smaller minke whales, finback whales, to name a few. You might see white sided dolphins or a seal or too. You never know what you're going to see!

whale watching
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Night Cruise

Have an unforgettable experience with our one-of-a-kind evening trip aboard our beautiful boat. Relax, unwind, and enjoy the calming sounds of the ocean.