Experienced Deep Sea Fishing Crew in Gloucester

Experienced Deep Sea Fishing Crew in Gloucester

At Tuna Tail Charters, our crew is comprised of highly experienced and professional anglers who have spent countless hours on the waters around Gloucester. We work tirelessly to ensure your party has an unforgettable fishing adventure from start to finish.

Our captains and mates take immense pride in being attentive to your needs and doing everything possible to put you on the fish. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the sport, we will share our vast knowledge and provide guidance to help you catch that trophy striped bass, giant bluefin tuna, cod, shark or whatever species you're targeting.

More than just guides, we are passionate fishermen ourselves. 

You can expect:

  • Entertaining fishing tales and good-natured jokes from our crew
  • Hands-on assistance with rigging, baiting, fighting fish and more
  • Insights into the local marine life like whales, birds and baitfish
  • Tips on reading the waters and finding the bite
  • A dedicated crew committed to ensuring your success and enjoyment

We love watching guests experience the incredible angling opportunities our local waters provide. From novice to expert, our aim is to provide a memorable and productive day on the water.