5-Hour or 9-Hour Haddock & Cod Fishing Charters in Gloucester

5-Hour or 9-Hour Haddock & Cod Fishing Charters in Gloucester


We invite you to enjoy our 5-hour Haddock and Cod fishing expedition out of Gloucester, MA!  We'll venture offshore for an amazing day targeting Haddock and Cod by fishing the wrecks and ledges. This method is considered bottom fishing, where we present baits, both natural (live/dead) or artificial (jigs/lures) to entice strikes from our targeted species of haddock and cod. 

Haddock in Gloucester average between 2lbs - 7lbs, however they can get much larger. Cod however tend to be between 6lbs - 25lbs, and like haddock can get much larger. These delicious fish are a lot of fun to catch regardless of the size and make for a great adventure to include in your trip to Gloucester, MA. 

All of the bait, tackle, gas, ice and Massachusetts fishing licenses are included in your 5-hour - Haddock and Cod fishing trip. You have nothing to worry about except for hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, food and drinks of your choosing. We'll take care of everything else.

When we're back at the dock, we'll also gladly clean your catch so you can enjoy the excellent table fare Gloucester haddock and cod can be while at its freshest!  Moreover, our cod fishing trips in Gloucester, MA are designed to provide both novice and experienced anglers with the ultimate fishing experience.

  • Price: $749.00/Group
  • # of Guests: Max 6
  • Departure: 5:00 AM

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Are you ready for one of the greatest trips out of Gloucester. This charter fishing trip includes everything in the 5 Hour Haddock & Cod Fishing Trip outlined above, plus 4 more incredible hours out on the water! 

This trip takes us out to offshore of Gloucester in pursuit of haddock and cod, fishing Stellwagon Bank, wrecks, ridges, and more. While we'll target haddock and cod, we will often set out a tuna rod, as you never know what swim by. We've been known to put a tuna or two on the deck while out on haddock and cod trips. Everyone loves those bonus catches. 

  • Price: $1,479/Group
  • # of Guests: Max 6
  • Departure: 5:00 AM

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