Gloucester, MA Fishing Reports

Saturday May 13th - Half Day Trip

Published May 13th, 2023 by Tuna Tail Charters

Weather was nice, sunny little breeze, seas about 2ft. Brian and his old friends were aboard. Our target fish was haddock we headed out to the sea for a little run, traveling at 15 knots, a very comfortable ride. About 7 miles out, moved on to a ridge and marked a few fish. We drifted and let out the lines. Within 5 minutes, up came 2 haddock, about 22 inches.

We drifted about an hour, and added 12 more fish to the count. We moved a little further seaward and bagged another dozen or so fish, which were a good size. They were all in the 22 plus inch size. We again moved towards BN and stopped and added another 12–15 fish.

What an excellent haddock trip!  Brian and his friend were very pleased. Headed home and fillet the fish on the ride home. 


They also caught 3 big Cusk and hooked into a shark!

 Great day guys, thank you !!

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