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Exciting Fishing Opportunities Await in October with Tuna Tail Charters

Published September 27th, 2023 by Tuna Tail Charters

One of the best fishing months is just about to arrive: October, with its crisp nights and cool days, is the time when the fish all begin to feed for their journey south. Striped bass are at their largest and hungrier than ever. Toss a live mackerel in front of one and watch it get devoured. Bluefish, always feisty and formidable fighters, are ready to chomp on anything. Troll a lure or cast a bait, and action is sure to happen. Haddock have moved into shallower waters, and for a short time, you can even keep a cod. Bluefin tuna are the most plentiful, available in jumbo, medium, and small sizes. They are the most powerful fish in the water. Hook into a giant, and expect a good 1-2 hour battle. We recently fought one for 4 hours the other week.

Whether fishing at Stellwagen Bank or Jefferies Ledge, the action should be awesome. We still have some dates available, so call and book a great trip. Check out some photos of our recent success.

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