Thursday, May 18 - Half Day Bass Trip

Published May 18th, 2023 by Tuna Tail Charters

First, we searched a little bit for mackerel and found 2, which were all we would need to start. We sailed out to the West of Gloucester to work the rock walls and coastline. 

We made our first fishing stop and Tami caught her first fish. She said she wasn't a fisher person, but she never stopped fishing the whole trip. We caught a couple more, and then set another drift and caught a couple more.

We lost a few fish, but that's part of it. We moved on to another spot and quickly landed a 30 incher, which was a nice slot fish. The weather was cold due to a recent cold front, but we still managed to catch some 15–20 inch fish. 

Another great trip aboard Lobster Tales!

Thank you folks for a wonderful trip. 

thank You, Capt. John

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