Capt. John  was supposed to be working on the boat, but the call of the haddock got him.  He joined his friends john and Christopher for a little fishing.  Capt. Chris was at the wheel, put the power to the Cat . We traveled about  8 miles  on a  SE direction.   Chris marked a few fish and we stopped, luckily there was little wind or current and we drifted .  About 5 minutes into the drift fish on!  Capt. John had a small haddock, John had a nice haddock , and Chris too.   Fishing was very good for the next hour or so.   We started getting cod. Time to move.

Chris decided to try a couple ledges off a few miles.  Good choice.  fishing wasn't as fast but the sizes were super nice big fish. Good call Chris.    We hadn't planned to fish too long but a great time was had. There is no question the haddock are in and only to get better.   

Join us this season aboard F/V Lobster Tales  our premier boat.

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